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Many people are happy to say goodbye to 2016. This year has been challenging for many of us. This doesn’t negate the lessons we continue to learn or joys we’ve experienced, but still…rough.

I for one am always glad to head into a new year. The transition into a new year is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s time to look back on what went well and was enjoyable, as well as what was truly terrible. To take stock of lessons learned and growth achieved and mistakes made. To practice thankfulness. And to plan ahead – the best that we can – for the coming year.

Let’s take a look back on what you really enjoyed here at Wilson Writes during this bumpy year!

The Best Posts of 2016

The most awesome and popular posts chosen by the readers spanned a variety of subjects, from sex to parenting to grief and beyond. It’s a fair representation of what I live out and how varied my writing can be. I LOVE that so many people enjoyed the following posts this. Enjoy!

Grief Is A Sneaky Little Bastard

Dear Fourth Grade Teacher: A Fart-astic Conference

The Lazy Mom’s Way to Make Kids Eat Healthy

How You Know That Your Marriage is Worth Fighting For

No Paddle Slapping on the Scary Rocky Water Slide

Want to Have Sex? Watch How He Types First

How To Make the Best Cold and Cough Kit for Women Over 40

Why You Need to Stop Reframing Rape Survivors’ Stories

Two Bonus Posts from the Best of 2016!

And for more of the best of 2016, head over to Mogul to read:

How Wiping Butts Taught Me to Be Thankful and How the Election Actually Mirrored My Abuse Story.

Here’s to a FABULOUS 2017!

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