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Idaho cave

This is me in Idaho earlier this summer, being birthed out of a cave with sharp edges…AFTER Husband took my cell phone from my sweaty, clumsy ham hands.

He was right to do so, since we were precariously balanced on sharp rocks that overhung a cave, and I needed all limbs to keep from slipping and injuring myself. But I am also stubborn and having fun and I wanted to take a lot of pictures. By the time Husband took my phone (that I was using as a camera), I had already dropped it once.

I could have really used one of these A-Grip Cinema doo-dads.

What’s an A-Grip Cinema?

A grip cinema 1The A-Grip Cinema is this lovely cell phone tool that allows you to use it as a camera without the need for a bunch of equipment. In addition to clumsy ham hands, I also tend to shake or move when taking photos with my cell phone – there’s just not enough surface area to grip the phone well in that situation.

The A-Grip attaches to a cell phone, turning it into a camera that is comfortable to hold. This tool provides stability and allows users to take much better photos than trying to keep a slippery grip on a cell phone, aim it, and press the shutter at just the right moment, which is much more complicated than it sounds.

Here’s a photo showing how the A-Grip looks when attached to a cell phone:

Microsoft Word - Document2

Nice, right?

Don’t Forget Selfies

Not being the most mechanical person on the planet, I appreciated how easy the A-Grip was to attach to my Samsung Galaxy. A few turns of a screw ensures that the cell phone won’t slip out, and the velcro strap allows for durable holstering (see below) and a truly secure grip.

In addition to traditional photos and videos, selfies are also easy to take using the A-Grip. It is adaptable to a selfie stick, which I didn’t try out because if I got one, I would be soundly mocked by my children. Users can also attach the A-Grip to a tripod, which is great to hear for me, as I like to take videos of my stand-up and improv performances using my cell phone.

Holster the A-Grip

I think my favorite photo – or, in this case, gif – on the A-Grip site is the holstering one below. When attached, the handle of the A-Grip fits right above the top of a pocket, allowing users to become the FASTEST PHOTO SHOOTERS IN THE WEST! I hear The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly music every time I watch the gif, it is that awesome.

The A-Grip is built for the mobile generation, perfect for those who not only want to take photos on the go, but for those who also are into making and posting videos. The video blog has become increasingly popular, especially as they are easily uploaded to social media outlets and shared with a click of a button.

The A-Grip is also uniquely engineered for users who want to produce more polished, higher quality videos. Here’s a video to prove it!

For more info on the development of the A-Grip Cinema, check them out here!

*I received an A-Grip for review purposes. All opinions are my own.*

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