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I have a joke that I tell in my stand-up routine sometimes:

I recently had an epiphany: I am an intolerant person. (Pause – there’s always an intake of breath from the audience) Sorry, Lactose.

This joke goes along with a bit about how I’m in the midst of a deep grieving process and that’s why I’m dressed in all-black like Johnny Cash because I have been diagnosed with a serious condition…I can no longer eat cheese.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, then you’ve read about my love affair and messy break up with cheese (SIDE NOTE: I recently found this random journal for fellow quasi-hypochondriacs calledI’m Going to Die – truly a hilarious way to track what might be killing you).

I have to admit, the process has gotten easier with time, and the trade-off of feeling 100% better without dairy makes it a ton easier to stop eating it.

So Are You Intolerant?

So if you’re feeling tired and cranky and bloated and generally ill, it might be because of your diet and the fact that you might be intolerant when it comes to some kinds of food. If you suspect, like me, you are intolerant, I have good news!

I recently ran across this blog post on Simple Mom called Is Your “Healthy” Diet Making You Sick, Tired or Fat? It’s a great introduction to certain forms of food intolerance, and contains helpful links to a Food Questionnaire as well as advice on how to proceed if you suspect food is making you sick!

Then Sign Up For My Class!

I’ve got a class coming up that will focus on healthy eating on a budget – find details to sign up here!

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