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Wine is a great go-to this time of year for thank you, housewarming, hostess or Christmas gifts. It’s always nice to have a few bottles in reserve for this time of year.

I have some get-togethers coming up, so I was looking at wine today at Fred Meyer. Personally, I prefer reds, so I was looking in the cabernet, merlot and pinot noir areas. I found a couple of rebates while perusing that will make my wine purchase pretty sweet.

On a limited budget, I only bought 4 bottles – if you buy six, you usually get a 10% discount from the store. Then I found some rebates hanging on bottles of wine that averaged about $6 a bottle.

One is for a $3 rebate for each bottle of wine purchased for the following brands: Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Hogue, Blackstone, Rex Goliath and Nobilo. Then I found a separate rebate from Rex Goliath for a $2 rebate for 2 bottles ($5 for 4 and $15 for 12).

So my four bottles totaled about $27. The first rebate will get me a rebate check for $12, and the second rebate will get me $2 for a total rebate of $14. I requested a copy of my receipt from the checker when I paid so I can do both rebates since they are from separate companies. The final cost for four bottles of wine will equal $13, or $3.25 a bottle – a pretty good deal!

I wasn’t able to locate the rebate forms online or in pdf form to print out, but I found the information in case you decide to persue a wine rebate deal.

Pick 6 Rebate off CBPWE10502 – I couldn’t locate a website, but there’s a phone number: 1-888-221-3320. Call and request a rebate form if you don’t find one on the brands mentioned above.

Rex GoliathRex Goliath Rebate Offer REXNA10011, Box 751320, El Paso, TX 88575. To $15. For $2 send 2 UPCs from any 750ml bottles of Rex Goliath Wines; for $5 send 4 UPCs; for $15 send 12 UPCs. Send a DCRCT (dtd by 2-28-10). Req’d store form Post by 3/15/10 Alcohol. Contact the website if you don’t find the bottle tag on the wine bottles.


The more you buy, the cheaper the wine gets. Consider the following scenario:

Buy 6 bottles of wine, 4 of them Rex Goliath
At $6 to $7 (on average) per bottle = about $40
Minus 10% discount given by most stores when you buy 6 bottles -$4
Minus the first rebate -18
Minus the Rex Goliath rebate -5
Grand total after rebates = $13, or $2.17 a bottle!

(I wish I had figured this out before I left for Fred Meyer today…) Remember to get 2 copies of your receipt for rebate submissions!

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