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Reviews for Don't Punch People in the Junk

Readers have so many good things to say about the collection of funny parenting stories now available in the book, Don’t Punch People in the Junk!

“May I just say, I am SO enjoying your book! What a great read!” ~Heather W., Happy Valley, OR

“I’m loving it! Laughed out loud at the dentist’s office while waiting for my kid.” Michele T., West Linn, OR

“This book is AWESOME!! I’m cracking up to the point of tears and SNOT!! Thank you Kelly! You are amazing!” Val E., Portland, OR

“Just got my copy from the AUTHOR in the mail. I was crying by chapter 4. Seriously, need a good laugh? You NEED this book!! Life lessons that you really didn’t even THINK you needed to tell your kids…Love it Kelly Wilson!!” Katie G., Germany

“I just finished reading your book. =) Awesome. Totally loved it!” Tiffany B., Tri-Cities, WA

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