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Spring 2014 Update

Read more about Operation: Adoption progress:

Where We Were

About two years ago, our family decided to begin the process of adopting a little girl through the state foster program with the help of an agency. Other than what we’ve learned we need to do (and pay) through Christian Family Adoptions, we really have very little information. We completed our application and were accepted, got our fingerprints, dug through our piggy banks, and are preparing for the Home Study process.

Our Progress

We will pay upwards of $4,000 once we’re all said and done with the adoption process. Once the piggy banks were cleaned out – the boys donated money from their Giving Banks – we tallied up:

What we’ve paid:

  • $300 Application Free
  • $30 for Fingerprinting
  • $2,000 for Home Study
  • $1,700 approximately for court/legal/processing fees

We are still waiting and are thankful for the support of our friends, family and community!

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