11 02, 2017

Last Minute Gift! The Art of Seduction 40% Off for Valentine’s Day

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Do you have your Valentine's Day gifts all ready to go? If not, no worries! Kelly Wilson's The Art of Seduction is on Kindle, which means it can be bought and delivered electronically. Plus, it's currently 40% off! What if your sweetheart doesn't have a Kindle? No problem. You can get the Kindle app for [...]

10 02, 2017

Hysteria: The First Look At #PTSD

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Have you ever wondered why treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental disorders is so behind the times? This is a fascinating look by my friend, Melissa Flickinger.  ****** Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a fairly common term these days. Most people have at least heard of it; veterans of war [...]

9 02, 2017

Friday #Funny: Married Life and Blissful Sucking

By | February 9th, 2017|My Blog|2 Comments

Husband and I do not share food. In our married life, this is not a thing that happens. Even before we were married, this wasn't a thing that we did. There's no romantic feeding each other spaghetti or offering to share meals. When it comes to food and drinks, it is every person for herself. [...]

7 02, 2017

The Surprising Ways Trump Helps My PTSD

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I never thought I would find anything to appreciate about Donald Trump. Over the last few months, I've been nothing short of traumatized by his presence in the election and then in the esteemed office of President of the United States. And while I continue to be on his every move like flies on poop, [...]

4 02, 2017

Top 4 Tips to Improve Focus in This Chaotic Climate

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It’s been a tough few weeks out there, hasn’t it. Slightly distracting? Just a wee bit, yea? My personal watchword for this year is FOCUS. I’ve made an effort each year, for the last few years, to have a guiding word: compassion, passion, etc. Why? When life gets hectic, this one word ‘mantra,’ if you [...]

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