Caskets From Costco: Get Your Signed Copy

Awww, so sweet! Look what the Book Stork left me!  I have print copies of Caskets From Costco to sign and sell now, so order away – go here to pay online!  To get your copy instantly, head to Booklocker to order your downloadable PDF for only $9.99! Kindle, Nook and iPad conversion should be […]

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Signs That It’s Time for School to Start

“Youngest is addicted to video games,” Husband grumbled. “Why?” I grunted. “It’s 9 in the morning, and he’s playing video games, grumble grumble blah blah blah,” he answered. Now, two things: Youngest had a sleepover the night before with a friend and they were both playing video games. And second, I just DID NOT CARE. “Husband,” […]

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The A-Grip Cinema is Kind of a Big Deal

This is me in Idaho earlier this summer, being birthed out of a cave with sharp edges…AFTER Husband took my cell phone from my sweaty, clumsy ham hands. He was right to do so, since we were precariously balanced on sharp rocks that overhung a cave, and I needed all limbs to keep from slipping […]

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What If Someone Doesn’t Believe Your Abuse?

When people ask me about my family, I say that I am an orphan. It’s technically not true, but this is definitely easier to say than, “Well, I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my father and I told my mother and she ended up choosing him over me and […]

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You Don’t Like Me and That’s Okay

I walked by her house almost every day, and it completely stressed me out. Would she be outside? Could she see me? Would she throw rotten tomatoes at my head? Would she wave, or would she ignore me? How would I respond? Should I just figure out a completely different route to walk? Almost every […]

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Oldest and Youngest and the HTC Re Camera

When my AT&T guy* sent me the HTC Re Camera to try out this summer, I have to admit that I was skeptical. No screen? No way to focus? You can’t see the photos or videos until you download them? I thought that I may be too old for this newfangled technology. Lucky for me, […]

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