Caskets From Costco: Get Your Signed Copy

Awww, so sweet! Look what the Book Stork left me!  I have print copies of Caskets From Costco to sign and sell now, so order away – go here to pay online!  To get your copy instantly, head to Booklocker to order your downloadable PDF for only $9.99! Kindle, Nook and iPad conversion should be […]

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Remember to Drive Safely This Holiday Weekend #itcanwait

Mostly…GET OFF YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING. I mean, um, I care about you and stuff and want to be safe. Consider these startling stats: New research1 from AT&T* shows nearly 4-in-10 smartphone users tap into social media while driving Almost 3-in-10 surf the net while behind the wheel And surprisingly, 1-in-10 video chat WHILE DRIVING […]

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Three Free Apps to Support Children’s Social and Emotional Health

Understanding emotions as they are happening is an essential life skill – it only took me until I was about thirty years old until I was able to do it. Thanks, Obama and my sucky traumatic childhood. So it is important to me that my kids are able to identify and deal with their emotions […]

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Summer Sanity 2015!

Chaos reigns while kids fight and play and eat everything in the house without throwing anything in the garbage can. It’s summer! Yeah, I love summer…and I hate it, especially the second week of August. To avoid this weird mixture of feelings, I try to plan ahead the best that I can so that the […]

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Theology of the Heart

“Today is an historic day!” I announced to Oldest as he flopped down on my bed. He leaned over to watch my Kindle’s Facebook feed as I scrolled through posts about SCOTUS and the federal legalization of gay marriage. “Huh, that’s still a thing? I thought it was already done,” he said with a shrug. […]

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What Kind of Cherry is This? Vote!

So I found this amazing cherry in my bag o’ fruit yesterday, and I had to take a picture of it and post it on Facebook: Both Youngest and I immediately called it Butt Cherry, but when I posted it, some of my friends definitely saw bewbs or the word that rhymes with “dalls”. It’s […]

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