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The Best Stuff to Buy in September | Wilson WritesSummer is winding down, the kids have gone back to school, and we’re all getting back to our routines. As the season switches over to fall, keep in mind that there are still bargains to be had in this sweet spot between the busy summer and chaotic holidays. Here’s the best stuff to buy in September.

Drive Away in a New Car

I’ve seen more newly-purchased cars on the road than during any other time of the year, and there’s a good reason for that. Dealerships want to get the old inventory off the lot in order to make room for the new 2018 models. Plus, the end of September is also the end of the quarter, and dealerships are trying to make their sales goals. Popular auto manufacturers are offering great financing deals plus bonus cash, like 0% for 72 months plus $500.

Even I took advantage of this fact, scoring a great deal on a car that’s only a year old. While I didn’t have all of the extra incentives, the car that I wanted had been sitting on the lot for months and was priced at least two thousand dollars below blue book. Even if you don’t want a brand new car, there are still some bargains to be had on older models. Do a little research beforehand and you’ll be ready to save almost 10 percent versus during other times of the year.

Finally, Barbecue Grills to Buy in September!

The Best Stuff to Buy in September | Wilson WritesThroughout the summer, those who want to save on barbecue grills have to sit on their hands and simply wait for the best deals. Now is the time! As Labor Day was the last official BBQ and picnic holiday of the year, retailers are ready to slash prices on grills of all sizes. Plus, they’re making room for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff, so the grills need to go.

Scan the ads for sales on barbecue grills, and don’t forget to read reviews before you buy. Once in the store or online, you might also check out the clearance sections. Often you can get more bang for your buck by shopping these sections.

Heading Outdoors

This is the time to take stock of outdoor gear that needs to be replaced, or that special piece of equipment you’ve had your eye on all summer. Tents, camping equipment, kayaks, backpacks, and even outdoor clothing made for the heat will be reduced in price. Bikes are also generally part of the best stuff to buy in September.

Outdoor stuff isn’t limited to recreation. For those who want lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment, now is the time to check out the sales and clearance sections. These include perennials and patio furniture. While there are a number of sales on these items during the Labor Day weekend, prices will continue to drop during the month and into October.

Don’t forget the usual summer stuff that’s bound to be marked down. Save extra on leftover school supplies and store them in a closet – my kids always need more notebooks and pencils right around January. Other bargains can be found on summer apparel, sunglasses, sandals, pool and water stuff, and general fun in the sun items.

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