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The Best Stuff to Buy in the Month of March | Wilson WritesThere’s a lot of stuff to buy in March for those who love a bargain. And let me tell you, I do love a bargain. Especially when I know where to look and what to look for. Here’s the best stuff to buy before the month is over!

Chocolate Lovers Score Big

March falls right between Valentine’s Day and Easter this year, which is especially good if you like high-quality (and even run of the mill) chocolate. Retailers want to get rid of any post-Valentine’s Day treats to make room for Easter specialties. Check with high-end chocolatiers, who want to clear shelf space for their new, fresh candy in bunny shapes. Because if you’re gonna eat chocolate, make it the good stuff.

March is Frozen Food Month

The Best Stuff to Buy in the Month of March | Wilson WritesIf you have a freezer dedicated to helping you save money by buying in bulk, you’re in luck this month. March is known as National Frozen Food Month. Grocery stores are likely to discount their frozen inventory, including vegetables, meat, ice cream, and convenience foods. Check out these free weekly shopping lists to help you navigate sales and find the coupons you need to make the most of the savings.

Let’s Get Physical

Now that we have the important food sale items out of the way, it’s time to burn off some of those calories with some discounted fitness equipment. Stores that prepped for the New Year Resolution crowd now need to sell off the elliptical machines and treadmills now on sale. Check local sporting goods stores and online retailers like Amazon.

Set Up for Spring Cleaning

I just cleaned out both bathroom vanities and three closets, willingly – I’m telling you, if I am Spring Cleaning, *everyone* is doing it. Now is a great time to check out any deals on cleaning products. Manufacturers and retailers know that we are gearing up to get cleaned up as the weather warms and the sun starts to peak out. Don’t forget paper supplies, which also go on sale with cleaning products, as well as bins and other stuff for organizing.

Sports and Travel

You might not have travel plans right this minute, but why not be ready? Travel stuff is going on sale. Ski trips are just about over and summer vacation is still a few months away. Look for deals on last year’s golf equipment, other sports equipment, and bikes. Luggage is also on sale in March both online and in stores – I got a brand new little suitcase for less than $25 just in the last couple of weeks.

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