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Kelly Wilson is an author, comedian and obsessed money saver trying to maintain sanity through laughter. She is the author of Live Cheap & Free, Don’t Punch People in the Junk, and Caskets From Costco. Kelly Wilson currently writes for a living and lives with her Magically Delicious husband, junk-punching children, dog, cat, and stereotypical minivan in Portland, Oregon. Read more about her at www.wilsonwrites.com.

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Garbage Watch Day #4 – Potato Chip Bag

Here is a potato chip bag: It is currently on top of the fridge. It is empty. Nobody perches on top of the fridge to shove potato chips into their mouths with their greasy paws. This means that somebody CHOSE to put the EMPTY bag of potato chips on TOP of the fridge INSTEAD of […]

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The Honey Poem

I don’t often write poetry, unless it’s funny, of course. BUT, there are times that I get inspired and something occurs to me and I just start writing stuff down and pretty soon I have a poem. This poem grew out of that one moment that I have after something particularly painful has happened, in […]

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Free Small Coffee at McDonald’s

From Sept. 16th – TODAY – through the 29th, you can get a free small McCafé coffee during breakfast hours at participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country. No purchase necessary! ~Kelly

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Ear Pimple: Not a Spider Sac, BUT…

EAR PIMPLE UPDATE! Remember the first sighting of the Ear Pimple on August 29th and how I had to listen to the whining and the crying and the drama by myself all that weekend and then I got a phone call from Youngest’s teacher on the 3rd day of school? And then the following weekend, […]

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Fred Meyer Anniversary Sale Starts TODAY (9/14)

The Fred Meyer Anniversary sale is back! I love, love, love this sale, and we are running out of a lot of these items. The great sale items include Dreyer’s Ice Cream, butter, gala apples, Foster Farms grill pack, bacon, Tillamook cheese, broccoli, and more. Don’t forget to clip the store coupons you need and load […]

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